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Our Mission

Guardant Health AMEA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardant Health, Inc., a leading precision oncology company focused on helping conquer cancer globally through use of its proprietary tests, vast data sets and advanced analytics.

Guardant Health Asia, Middle East & Africa

The global cancer burden is estimated to have risen to 18.1 million new cases in 2018 according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Asia accounts for nearly half of the new cancer cases worldwide. The Middle East accounts for approximately 0.25 million new cancer cases while Africa accounts for over 1 million new cancer cases. Guardant Health AMEA was formed to address the growing cancer burden in Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Conquering Cancer With Data

To select the best treatment, doctors and patients must have access to detailed genomic information about the disease. But this information is not easy to obtain. Traditional tissue biopsies require physical access to tumor tissue and come with serious risks for some patients. And for many patients, they aren’t even an option.

We believe the key to conquering cancer is unprecedented access to its molecular information throughout all stages of the disease. We are developing a solution through tests that require only a blood sample.

Today, Guardant’s blood tests are enabling timely therapy selection for patients with cancer while we also advance programs for recurrence detection and early cancer detection. In addition, we are working together with pharmaceutical companies to discover and understand new treatment approaches that lead to better outcomes for patients.


Our Values

Clear values that guide our organization from the top down

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Put the Patient First.

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Blaze a trail.

Because Patients deserve better, we must…
• Be solution oriented
• Be fearless in tackling challenges
• Innovate in all aspects of our work
• Challenge assumptions to unlock opportunities
• Dare to try – take risks and experiment

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Be stronger together.

Because caring for Patients means caring for each other, we must…
• Treat each other with respect
• Assume positive intent
• Constructively challenge – leaving the work and each other better
• Recognize and celebrate each other’s strengths and contributions
• Hold ourselves and others accountable

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Make every
moment matter.

Because for Patients it’s a race against time, we must…
• Move fast and be decisive
• Seek simplicity
• Coordinate efforts to avoid wasting time
• Deliver with excellence
• Prioritize, say ‘yes’ to the right things

Join Our Team

Cancer affects millions, but at Guardant Health AMEA, you will focus on the individual and be asked to imagine each patient as a member of your own family.

You will work with a mix of top scientists, engineers, clinicians, commercial experts, reimbursement specialists, and many more talented individuals.

When you join us, you become an integral part of the team, contributing your unique skills and talents to solve some of the most challenging and complex problems in healthcare.

We prioritize our people and provide rewarding careers for the intellectually curious and unabashedly determined. Are you ready to make a difference?

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