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Guardant360® Campaign
Guardant360® Campaign

Guardant360®-first testing is able to identify more patients who are eligible for targeted treatments than tissue-first testing. Here are the key findings from the NILE study reported earlier this year.

– Agreement between Guardant360® and tissue testing was greater than 90% for four biomarkers with FDA-approved therapies.

– Turnaround time was 6 days faster with Guardant360® vs. Standard Of Care tissue testing.

“In a landscape where a large fraction of our patients never get their tumor genotyped because of insufficient tissue or sequential tissue testing, it would make sense to adopt a strategy where blood is used first to detect alterations,” said Dr. Vassiliki A. Papadimitrakopoulou.

Watch this 2-minute video below to find out more about Guardant360®, the global leader in liquid biopsy.

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