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Helping to bring new cancer therapies to patients sooner

Guardant Health is proud to partner with biopharma companies, more than 100 to date, to support their efforts in bringing the next generation of cancer therapeutics to patients sooner. Our portfolio of innovative solutions spans translational research – Guardant Explore, clinical development and commercialization – Guardant Companion, and real-world evidence – Guardant INFORM.

Solutions to accelerate your
translational research

Introducing GuardantINFINITY the first adaptable liquid biopsy panel providing comprehensive genomic profiling insights in biomarker discovery and oncology therapeutic development for applications across the continuum of care today and beyond.

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Understand tumor evolution and mechanisms of resistance

Our tests reveal more actionable alterations and detect heterogeneously-distributed mutations, which are often missed by hot-spot tests. This provides deeper insights for your translational research into how tumors evolve, and how mechanisms of resistance form.

Acquired resistance post-treatment (osimertinib)

Acquired resistance mechanisms post-osimertinib in locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC whose disease has progressed with previous EGFR TKI therapy and whose tumors harbor a T790M mutation within the EGFR gene

Source: Papadimitrakopoulou (Mok) et al. ESMO 2018 Oral Presentation

Gain insights into molecular response to treatment

Use early on-treatment changes in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to predict response and/or outcomes to immunotherapy or targeted therapy across solid tumors including confirming target inhibition or drug mechanism of action.

ctDNA predicts responders on average 8 weeks earlier than RECIST criteria

ctDNA molecular response identifies RECIST responders earlier.

Source: Zhang (Hellman), et al 2020 Prognostic and predictive impact of ctDNA in patients with advanced cancers treated with immune checkpoint blockade; Cancer Discovery; DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-20-0047

Progression-free survival is longer in molecular
responders across therapies and cancer types

Molecular response predicts clinical outcomes across multiple therapies and cancer types

Source: 1 Raja (Ranade) et al. 2018 Clin Cancer Res; 2 Thompson (Aggarwal) et al. 2021 JCO PO; 3 Kim (Kang) et al. 2018 Nat Med; 4 Shaw (Solomon) et al. 2019 JCO 37(15) abstr 9019; 5 Mack (Gandara) et al. 2020 JCO 38(15) abstr 9532; 6 Maron (Janjigian) et al. 2020 JCO 38(15) abstr 4559; 7 Modi (Park) et al. 2020 JCO 38(15) abstr 1036

Monitor longitudinal treatment response

Using our Guardant360 liquid biopsy tests, you can easily track patient tumor burden over time, with serial blood draws for earlier insights into who is responding, who is not responding, and why.

Disease progression at various time points

Monitoring disease trajectory: case example targeting an ALK fusion and subsequent ALK resistance mutations.

Source: DOI: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-17-2588

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